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【Share Plum - Constipation】


Treat constipation and help stool elimination and detoxification. Itis recommended to eat the Plum after dinner but just before bedtime, and thendrink 300ml warm water, which can moisten the intestine and conduce to removalof stubborn stool that adheres to the intestinal wall together with foodresidues and grease.



【Share Plum - Hemorrhoids】


Hemorrhoids refer to one or more soft venous lumps formed from thedistention and buckling of vein plexus underneath rectum terminal mucousmembrane and anal canal skin. There are three types of hemorrhoids in themedicine, which are internal, external and mixed hemorrhoids. Generally thosewho suffer constipation or keep sitting in chair for a long time are mostsusceptible to this disease.




It is essential to cureconstipation and decompose clotted blood in the treatment of hemorrhoids, andenzyme application can be considered as one of the most effective means torelive sufferings from constipation, due to the fact that enzyme can promotedigestion and recuperate intestines. Because of its strong functions of bloodpurification, detoxification and blood clot decomposition, taking complexenzyme can achieve a satisfactory effect of alleviating pains resulting from long-termdiseases. Eating the Plum is conducive to get rid of intestinal toxins anddistinctively relieve hemorrhoids. If afraid of hemorrhage, drink plenty ofwater to soften the stool and reduce friction. After a bowel movement, rememberto wash clean with warm water and to smear linseed oil for better recovery.



【Share Plum - Hangover】

吃果子通肠道就是加速代谢,快速的让酒精排出体外,新陈代谢快了,自然醒酒就快!身体吸收的酒精少了,对肝脏的损伤就会减少,第二天醒来头晕的感觉就会减轻很多。酒前吃,能增加酒量;酒中吃,能避免“现场直播”;酒后吃,能让你第二天按时起床头不痛!另外,青梅和蜂蜜的配方本身有解酒的功能,再加上发酵工艺产生的酶也有解酒的功效啦。 过年必备!喝酒前半小时左右吃一颗随便果,吸收酒精30-50%!如果喝的过量觉得开始有点醉了再吃一颗,快速解酒、醒酒,不头疼,保持清醒!而且不会伤到肝。双向调节免疫力功能,降三高、修复受损细胞。为了能拥有好的身体,试试四季优美随便果,排毒养颜,保健养生,减肥控重,解酒护肝,经常喝酒的亲必备产品哦!有需要的亲们请与我联系。


Eating the Plum dredges intestines, which means acceleratingmetabolism. The faster the metabolism runs, the faster alcohol is eliminatedfrom the body, and hence the shorter time it takes to sober up from a hangover.Since the body absorbs less alcohol, harm to liver will be reduced, and so doesthe feeling of dizziness when you wake up the next day. Eating it before drinkingwill strengthen your alcohol tolerance, eating it during drinking will help youremain sober all the time, and eating after being drunk, you can get up with a clearmind on time the next day. Besides green plum and honey formula itself is ahangover cure, the enzyme produced from fermentation process also has a effectof alleviating a hangover. As a spring festival necessary, eating one Plum halfan hour before drinking wine can absorb alcohol by 30~50%. And when you’ve gota little drunken eating another one will help to dispel the effect of alcoholand make you sober without headache, and also avoid harm to your liver. It canregulate immune function, and reduce high cholesterol, high blood pressure andhigh blood sugar, and repair damaged cells. For the sake of your good health,offer a chance to Four Seasons Beautiful - Share Plum, a perfect product foryou to eliminate toxins, beautify skin, manage your weight, and protect yourliver during drinking. For any demand, please feel free to contact us.



【Share Plum - Acne】



Our body mainly expels toxins through intestine and skin, and acneis a manifestation of internal toxin efflux from the body.The Plum can accelerate toxin metabolism through either of the means. As theface has the thinnest skin of the body, the toxins in the blood will manifestthemselves from the face. Without stubborn stool, the blood will absorb no toxinsfrom the intestine when it passes through, thus the clean blood won’t bringforth acne on the face. Therefore, Four Seasons Beautiful - Share Plum is agood choice for eliminating toxins from your intestines. Without waste mattersfrom fermentation of stool entering your blood via the capillary, not only willyour former acne marks disappear gradually subject to your skin metabolism, butalso there will be no new acnes to come out. What wonderful inside-out care,which is more effective than using lots of cosmetics and skin care products.Whoever suffers from acne may eat one Plum at bedtime, and another one beforelunch. Normally two boxes will bring very good efficacy. Only a clean intestinecan you grant a radiant countenance!



【Share Plum - Food Evacuation】


When the stomach cannot be timely evacuated and the food is held upinside, it is easy to cause functional gastrointestinal disorders, and theserious condition is called gastric retention. Around 4~5% people sufferdelayed gastric emptying problem, which may further develop into organic lesiondue to no rest or recovery time for your stomach. On the other hand, the foodwill slowly change, ferment and generate gas, allow bacteria growth, form lumpsand petrify, and hence bring forth a series of stomach troubles, like acidreflux, belching, upper abdominal discomfort, stomachache, vomiting, nausea,lack of appetite. Therefore, food evacuation is very important for your stomachhealth.



【Share Plum - Losing weight】


In spite of not being a slumming drug, our Plum does make your waistand belly slimmer by decomposing food residues, stool, toxins and old bad cellsinside your intestine. In addition, it can also decompose fat, cholesterol, andblood clots that subside on the inner wall of blood vessel, so as to reducebloodstream resistance and increase blood flow rate, lower blood pressure andimprove elasticity of blood vessel by restoring lining cells. In the end, theliver and kidney will have stronger self-healing power and better detoxificationand expelling toxins functions. So, isn’t it more powerful than slimming drugs?




With this intention, eat thePlum 30 minutes before meal. As 20 ~ 30 minutes later, the Plum you have takenwill increase the intestinal peristalsis at meal time, which helps evacuate thefood out of your body while their calories are not absorbed into the intestineand other body parts yet. When the energy from the food cannot cater for bodydaily demand, the original fat depositing inside the body will be burnt tosupplement the energy. Therefore, it will have a better effect when you eat thePlum 20 ~ 30 minutes before the meal. It is recommended to eat one Plum half anhour before both lunch and supper respectively, and when your body adapts tothe fruit’s efficacy, you may eat another one after supper.




Special note for losing weight: The Plum is not specificallyintended for losing weight, but mainly helps evacuate your stubborn stool,expels internal toxins and cleans your blood, and incidentally alleviateshalitosis, dispels acne. Meanwhile a large amount of enzyme containing in thePlum can decompose alcohol, and hence dispel the effect of alcohol.



【Share Plum - Gaining Weight】


Since the Plum contains enzyme, eating it immediately after mealpromotes digestion and absorption. That is to say, if a thin man wants to gainweight, he can eat the Plum just after the meal while a fat person need to eatit with an empty stomach (it’s recommended to eat the Plum half an hour to anhour before the meal).



【Share Plum - High blood uric acid】


High uric acid disease is a kind of metabolic illness due to purinesmetabolic disorder. Normally the daily generation amount of uric acid, onethird of which comes from foods and two thirds from body synthesis, equates thedaily discharge amount, one third of which dispels through intestine and two thirdsthrough kidney.




The Plum can promote metabolism, strengthen the intestinalperistalsis and excrete uric acid from the body through the intestine. Inaddition, the Plum contains Semen Cassiae and Chinese Bushcherry Seed, whichare conducive to relax your bowels and also eliminate uric acid from the bodyvia the kidney, so that the uric acid level in your body will be reduced.



【Share Plum - Gout】



As a metabolite of purine, it is “uric acid” that causes gout,relating to the purine metabolic disorder, in which waste matter graduallyaccumulates in your body, and hence harms your organs, most commonly kidney.But enzyme in the Plum can accelerate decomposition and metabolism of wastematters, and hence eliminate uric acid from your body, so as to alleviate goutsymptoms.



【Share Plum - Menstruation】


Detoxification as a primary function of the Plum can speed upmetabolism, and hence adjust endocrine system and physiological cycles. If themenstruation cycle is more than or less than 28 days in the past, normally itwill come back to very normal after eating the Plum for two or three months,although at the beginning the Plum may cause seemingly disorder or menstrualamount change, about which there is no need to worry.



【Share Plum - Endocrine System】


When the stubborn stool is cleared up from the intestine, thedetoxification burden of the liver is reduced, and then the liver, as thebiggest endocrine organ, will be freed up to synthetize enzymes using energyand nutrition, so as to improve the endocrine system function. In the theory ofChinese medicine, the intestine is subsumed to Gold, and liver to Wood. Thefive elements theory says Gold restricts Wood, and that is why the intestineproblem may result in the endocrine disorder.



【Share Plum - Insomnia】


As toxins accumulate, the body fluid is prone to turn acidic, whichwill bring pressure to various viscera. When they cannot function normally,sleep disorder and other diseases may come up. Generally those who suffersevere insomnia have high level of toxin accumulation, and cannot enjoy a sweetsleep until they have internal toxins removed from their bodies and cultivate ahealthy diet and daily routine habit.



【Share Plum - Diabetes】


The Plum is suitable for diabetes population as the enzyme in thePlum can reduce blood sugar, and there is very little sugar as an ingredient inthe Plum, for the mere purpose of seasoning. The amount of sugar in a wholePlum definitely is no more than that containing in a mass of rice of the samevolume.



【Share Plum - Stomach disease】


As long as you haven’t got serious gastric ulcer and erosion, youmay eat the Plum. After having received a gastroscopy procedure, some agentsstill eat this product for health rejuvenation, but they have had nouncomfortable feelings. If you have no stomach pain when you eat the first boxof products, it proves that your toxins are still not totally eliminated yet.But if you have stomach pain when you eat a second box of the Plum, do not bepanic about that, it occurs because detoxification process through intestineperistalsis puts a high burden on your stomach. It is recommended to stopeating the Plum for 1 ~ 2 days, but if the pain is endurable, you may justreduce one Plum everyday, and the pain will subside several days later. Therehave been many cases of gastric diseases. Normally at the early stage, you mayexperience stomach pain, distention, or sometimes vomiting, but keep eating thePlum at reducing quantity and 30 ~ 40 minutes after the meal, then you willfind everything goes back to normal over a period of time.



【Share Plum - Three “High” Symptoms】


The Four Seasons Beautiful - Share Plum can effectively reduce bloodfat, blood pressure and blood sugar, which mainly aims at population with thesethree high symptoms. Hunan Province Satellite TV officially reported that theTaiwan Goang Yuan Company has maintained a compliant ratio of ZERO for theirproducts in a current society facing terrified food safety crisis. So you canimagine how good our products are, and offer a hope for those men with a beerbelly.



【Share Plum - Women Aging】


Chronic constipation will result in the retention of lots of stoolin the intestine, and a large amount of toxins and harmful bacteria generatedfrom stool fermentation and decay will be repeatedly absorbed by the intestine,and then transmitted to all parts of the body through blood circulation. Thisis considered as the first enemy of women health and beauty, and a cause of theelephant leg, crow’s feet, dark spots, rough skins, beer belly or other similarproblems. In addition, chronic constipation is prone to cause breast cancer. Itseems that constipation makes your life turn dark, however, the Four SeasonsBeautiful - Share Plum now offers you health. Eating one every night can easilyremove stubborn stool and restore your beauty and vitality.